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Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Year of the Rabbit. Time to try some new places in Chinatown. here are some suggestions by Eddie Huang

Shanghai Cuisine (stir-fried eel, four seasons bean curd, pork buns with black vinegar & ginger)
89-91 Bayard Street

Ping's Seafood (dim sum)
22 Mott Street

Super Taste (hand pulled noodles)
26 Eldridge Street

Great Bakery (pork buns, taro and red bean bun; Macau-style egg tart)
303 Grand Street

Great NY Noodletown (not new to here but need to try again) - three meats on rice; beef chow fun; seafood pan-fried noodles; roast duck won ton noodle soup
28 Bowery

Grand Sichaun International (spicy or chicken broth in hot pot)
125 Canal Street

Excellent Pork Chop House (Taiwanese style shaved ice; Taiwanese mei fun)
3 Doyers Street


Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sischuan
42-47 Main Street @ Franklin Avenue, Flushing, Queens

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