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My mother was a great cook. My father loved to eat.
I am the Man from Pawtucket and this is my story. Here you will find a collection of observations, from Central Falls to Central Park, from Pawtucket to Paris, about Eating Well. Bon Appetit.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Imperial Palace

13613 37th. Avenue Flushing, NY 11354

Excellent Cantonese cuisine at Imperial Palace in Flushing. We had pea leaves with garlic, crispy noodles with seafood, tofu with shrimp, pork chops with spicy sauce and their most famous dish, Dungeness Crab with Sticky Rice. (Nearly every table had the dish).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

M. Wells

January 15, 2011
M. Wells in Long Island City, Queens.

warm fresh doughnut during our wait, bloody caesars, caesar salad with herring dressing, egg and bacon sandwich, hash & egg, bone marrow with escargot, coffee cake.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Washington, DC

January 12, 2011

I had some very good 'small plates' at Equinox with the my brother and then a few more with a colleague at 2Amys. The anchovies with butter were excellent, as well as the turnip crustino. The carrot salad with honey and pistachios however tasted funky. But that did not ruin my appetite for the clam pizza which was perfectly cooked.

I completed my visit to DC with some sushi at Sushi Taro. The fish was super fresh as always but was not happy with the new layout and design. They no longer have the sushi bar or yakitori grill. Oh well, the fish is still excellent.