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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Take you down to Chinatown

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We took a little walking tour of Manhattan’s Chinatown last Saturday. We started at Catherine and Madison Streets and walked west towards East Broadway. Our first stop was Food Sing 88 Corp. Here, for about $5 you can have a big bowl of soup with freshly made hand-pulled noodles. We had Beef Han-Pulled Noodles. The broth was tasty and flavorful but not overly salty, which is what we expected. Our next stop was Doyers Vietnamese Restaurant on Doyers Street (the small elbow street that connects the Bowery to Pell) for Vietnamese crepes. We had been there many times before when it was called New Vietnam, although the current operator’s business card reads “Former Vietnam Restaurant. Unfortunately, due to not-so-clear reasons, they were out of them (too busy, not busy enough, not weekends, the chef wasn’t there). Instead we ordered a shrimp summer roll and an order of shrimp cake with meat cake. We found the roll to be pretty bland and the other dish, was, well, interesting for its textures. There were slices of meat(?) which sort of looked like gefilte fish sliced on the bias. Finally, we walked over to Eldridge street to look for Prosperity Dumplings where you can find 5 just-out-of-the-wok dumplings for $1. They were just crispy enough with a little fresh chive, certainly worth a buck.

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